Giving a name to our company was difficult.

Like naming a child, I felt our title should be precious as it would become a core part of who we were and what we were aiming to be.

I felt our name should be reflective of what we worked towards everyday being the best partner between brands and the KDF market. In other words, I felt our company title should be emblematic of the passion and vision that shaped our identity.

We registered ‘INBETWEEN’ to embrace those values which we still pursue today, confident that this name encapsulated our core vision: being the connecting link between places, people and passions.

With an unwavering determination INBETWEEN will continue to grow as an industry leader, connecting our partners to success through real results guaranteed by our peerless experience and market know-hows.

We will push forward as the role model for the industry, cultivating a firm that earns its trust and showcases its passion through success for both our partners and our employees.

Our family has grown to include over 600 members, each one of us and I will work our hardest to push INBETWEEN to become a firm that is ever more suited to its name.

INBETWEEN Chief Executive Officer Carlo Min